He.Stays Collar Stays

The #1 Issue In Men's Corporate Wear Solved

The #1 Issue In Men's Corporate Wear Solved

Be the sharpest man in the room with "Magnetic Collar Stays"

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The Only "Instant" & "Guaranteed" Solution to Dull Floppy Collars

The Only "Instant" & "Guaranteed" Solution to Dull Floppy Collars

You won't see these in any regular Australian clothing store...

How To Use Collar Stays

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Customer Testimonials

Regie P. - Client Services

"If you suffer from collar dysfunction this is the way to go; excellent concept, even better product."

Mick G. - Sales

"Fabulous product, He.Stays stays in place. Keeps my collars looking fresh and clean without feeling heavy. Variety of different sizes to suit any collared shirt. A must have for those looking for the final touch in any outfit"

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Bryant C. - Management

"By far the most effective way to keep your collar up. There are chunkier and heavier alternatives but these take the cake."

frequently asked

What if I change my mind?

We guarantee compliments on your sharper collars within the first week of use. If none are given, we'll provide them for you! 

If for any reason you're not 100% satisfied with the functionality of your He.Stays, just return them and I (Norvin) will personally refund the entire product cost. No questions asked.

What makes He.Stays better than most other collar stays?

We've designed He.Stays to be thinner than most collar stays to fit into virtually any collar pocket. 

They are made of premium stainless steel to never rust and remain sturdy unlike generic plastic collar stays. 

Our magnets are a denser magnetised neodymium and He.Stays come in three sizes.

How much for postage?

Postage is free for orders over $19.99 anywhere in Australia.

Will metal collar stays damage my washing machine drum?

We've tested leaving the He.Stays in the collar pockets while in the machine and no damage was done to the shirt or drum.

But just like if you were to leave keys, coins, screws or any other metal objects in the wash, it may cause damage. As He.Stays are lightweight and small they do not cause any damage. Be sure to remove your magnets and stays before washing.

He.Stays - Collar Stays