He.Stays Collar Stays Single Set

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Unsure of sizing? Check out our sizing guide

The perfect collar stays trifecta can often be too much for some men to handle.

After a whole year of customer requests and a sea of emails, we've finally opened the option for you to purchase your single pair of He.Stays. 

Just like the original Three.Stays Collar Stays Set, you have three sizes for your sharpest collar yet:

  1. 56mm (2.2”inch) - For modern slim fitting shirts. This one's usually for the young bucks.
  2. 64mm (2.5”inch) -  Perfect for daily corporate dress shirts. If you work in corporate, this is your go-to.rub
  3. 70mm (2.75”inch) - For the oldies. You'll need these for the more formal shirts with long point collars.

Made from ferritic stainless steel He.Stays will last as long as your RM Williams. One purchase for one lifetime (unless you're a cat).

Our secret sauce is our coated, rare earth neodymium magnets placed underneath the shirt for seamless comfort. He.Stays magnets are what arouses your collars to stand up and stay up.

Single pair magnets included.

Guaranteed compliments from your office. If no compliments were given, we'll provide them for you (Please use subject line: "Where Are My Dang Compliments?!").