How Do I Use Collar Stays? - 7 Steps

How To Use Collar Stays

To learn everything you need to know about collar stays, take a look at our most popular in-depth article.


1. Find your collar pocket underneath your shirt collar. 

Where to find your shirt collar pocket

It should be located underneath your shirt collar. If it isn't, then you're either wearing a polo shirt where collar stays won't be usable OR you're wearing a shirt without collar pockets which is a likely indicator of a low quality shirt. *Sorry


2. Measure the depth of your collar pocket to know the length of collar stays you need to use.

Measure the shirt collar depth 1. Measure the shirt collar depth 2.

Most dress shirts' collar pocket depths range between 64mm and evens 70mm which is on the long side. Casual shirts such as sport and contemporary modern shirt collars are likely to be 63mm or less getting down to about 56mm.


3. Fold your shirt collar up.

Fold your shirt collar up

So that your collar pocket is accessible. Because how else would you put the collar stays in?


4. Insert appropriate collar stays size into the full depth of your collar pocket.

Inset the right collar stay size

Since step 2 you should know the correct collar length you're required to use. Be sure to push it right into the pocket to avoid it from slipping out. It'll save you from future back pain by avoiding bending over and picking it up. 


5. Fold down your shirt collar.

Folding down shirt collar

You're almost there! Hope you're still following.


6. Attach magnet underneath your shirt (if using He.Stays Magnetic Collar Stays). 

Attaching magnet to collar stays underneath shirt 1. Attaching magnet to collar stays underneath shirt 2.

With most other collar stays you would have finished at step 5. But our secret sauce is the magnet attachable underneath your shirt to keep your collars in place. You'll forget that it's there until the end of the day when undressing. 

Hint - try to coordinate where you want your collar to remain. Now, hold your collar there with one hand. With your opposite hand, place the magnet underneath for it to latch and keep it in place.


7. Adjust the spread and height of your shirt collar.

Adjust the spread and height of the collar 1. Adjust the spread and height of the collar 2. Adjust the spread and height of the collar 3.

Your collar doesn't need to look perfectly 90° vertical angle like Reverend Lovejoy. Try to balance the spread of your collar relative to the shape of your face. 

shirt collar relative to face shape

To read more about how your shirt collar shapes your face and the infamous "Arrow Effect", click here.

Note - The corner of your shirt collar. Round shirt collars require round finished collar stays whilst sharp shirt collars need sharp pointed collar stays.