Unique Features - He.Stays Collar Stays

Premium Ferritic Stainless Steel
Our ferritic stainless steel stays have a higher concentration of iron elements to ensure maximal magnetism.
We then coat our collar stays with stainless steel to prevent rusting in order for it to last a lifetime.
Rare Earth Neodymium Magnets
Neodymium is the strongest natural Earth magnet that "literally" latches on to your collar stay.

We manufacture our magnets as densely as possible to guarantee they won't separate from your He.Stays.
Adjustable Collar Height & Spread
By placing the magnet inside the shirt on the tip of your He.Stay you are able to adjust the "peak" and "spread" of your collars giving you that crisp look that you're after.

How Long Are Most Collar Stays?

What Size Collar Stays Do I Need?

We Provide Three Convenient Sizes
Collars range between:
- 56mm (2.2" inches)
- 64mm (2.5" inches)
- 70mm (2.75" inches)

The perfect fit for your perfect collar.
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