FAQ - He.Stays Collar Stays

Metal collar stays give me a stiff neck. Will these do the same?

If any solid collar stays tend to give you a stiff neck we would advise that you choose a shorter length to insert into your collar pocket.

Due to the powerful magnets, your collar will still remain erect. The extra room between the end of your collar stay and your shirt collar will provide more room for head-turning mobility.


What makes He.Stays better than most other collar stays?

We've designed He.Stays to be thinner than most collar stays to fit into virtually any collar pocket. 

They are made of premium stainless steel to never rust and remain sturdy unlike generic plastic collar stays. 

Our magnets are a denser magnetised neodymium and He.Stays come in three sizes.


How much for postage?

Postage is free anywhere in Australia on orders over $19.99. 

What if I prefer my collars without stays?

Nobody likes a "flop". Stay stiff when you need to. It's like viagra for your collars.


What if I change my mind?

We have a money back guarantee and will accept returns. We will reimburse upon arrival of the package. As we are a small business we will not be able to pay for return postage fees.


What if I leave them in the collar pockets and throw them in the wash?

We've tested leaving the He.Stays in the collar pockets while in the machine and no damage was done to the shirt or drum.

But just like if you were to leave keys, coins, screws or any other metal objects in the wash, it may cause damage. As He.Stays are lightweight and small they do not cause any damage. Be sure to remove your magnets and stays before washing.


Will this work for button-down shirts?

Button down shirts will not need collar stays as the functionality of the button down enables the collar to stand tall on its own. He.Stays basically change your dress shirts in button downs.


They're quite small. How do I ensure I don't lose them?

Try to keep them in the same place before and after uses. This ensures that your He.Stays aren't ambiguous with their whereabouts.


Will they ever rust since they're made out of metal?

He.stays are made of premium ferritic stainless steel which means it will not rust.


What are the dimensions?

Thickness is 0.88mm and width is 9mm.

There are length variants. They range between; 56mm (2.2"In), 64mm (2.5"In), 70mm (2.75"In).


How much is He.Stays collar stays?

You can get them here.