Where To Get Collar Stays In Australia - Top 15 Collar Stays

Note: There are no affiliate links in this post. The following references are all my own personal opinion.

If your corporate office has a "business-wear" or "business-casual" dress code, chances are you're not wearing your tie as often as you used to 5-10 years ago. And if you're as tied-up as we are about corporate style, then you've also probably briefly searched the net for ways to look professional without a tie. Our He.Stays are innovative and serve just this purpose – changing the way men dress for their daily career. But we understand that you may want to consider other options for looking sharp besides metal collar stays

Quite often we get asked this question: "If I don't use He.Stays Magnetic Collar Stays, what would you recommend?" That's why we've created this blog post to list and describe our top Australian collar stay alternatives. We're quite honest and transparent at He.Stays and we do still think magnetic collar stays are the best option for the "tie-less" men's corporate wear movement, but we're putting our egos aside to help answer the question. 

Okay, so let's get real with ourselves. We're simply not going to find anywhere in Australia that stocks quality stays. Neither are there very many brands that base their entire company on such a small and minuscule product.

But let me tell you, collar stays are one of the few most vital important details on your shirt that make the biggest impact on your image 

So, what stores sell collar stays?

Let's start by typing our keywords into the Google search bar and see what we can find:

And yes, I have tried and tested all of these Australian collar stays. Yes, I am also aware of the strange predilection for collar stays and sharp collars that I have. Am I taking any medication for it? Nope. The doctor's notified me that she's seen these symptoms before. 

There's a common joke among digital marketers that goes,

"where is the best place to hide a dead body? On the 2nd page search results on Google.”

I've headed down the second, third, and even fourth pages to find relevant Australian collar stays so that you won't have to. Here's what we've found.

Assuming that you reside in Australia, this is a plus, since the cost of delivery will be half or even a quarter of what you'd pay for international shipping.

Australia in the middle of nowhere world map

Look at where we are! We Aussies are literally in the middle of nowhere!

Australia world map international shipping

What we've done in this blog post is summarised the top 15 Australian branded collar stays in our beautiful country down-under, so that you don't start pulling your hair out by overcomplicating the classic shipping and delivery dilemma that's associated with online shopping.

We did this just for you! You sharp, tieless Aussie man, you.

Top 15 Australian Branded Collar Stays

1. David Jones - Alta Linea Cudworth (AUD$9.95)

Alta Linea David Jones plastic collar stays

Don't even bother with the Cudworth plastic collar stays. Just like the plastic stays from when you first bought your shirt, these won't work either. Although I've popped in and examined that they're a tad bit thicker than complimentary plastic collar stays, they still bend, snap, and lack the density to weigh down the collar enough to make it look stiff.

We make sure our team stay as far away as possible from plastic collar stays.

You're better than this!

Now, let's move on.


2. David Jones - Simon Carter Metal Collar Stays (AUD$49.95)

Simon Carter Collar Stays

Now we're talkin'! I'll be completely honest with you. I've done a walk into DJ's and tested the Simon Carter collar stays. I must say that I'm quite impressed and at the same time a bit jealous. Their looks definitely scream "snazzy" and are a little more on the designer side, especially the geometric shapes that are revealed when you flip the bad boys over.

Simon Carter collar stays took the opposite route with their materials than we did with our He.Stays. He.Stays are made of ferric steel, meaning they have a higher concentration of iron, which in turn means they're more magnetisable, weigh more, and are slightly thicker. Simon Carter's are made out of stainless steel, which means they're not magnetisable but are more lightweight. Because of this, they won't hold the collar as sharp compared to thicker steel or brass.

At the affordable price of AUD$49.95, if you're gifting it to someone who works at a medieval windmill factory, this may be your go-to. 

EDIT: David Jones seems to flip the location of this product all over the place on their website. The image above is one of their older versions displayed on their previous listings. I've chosen to keep this image as it shows the snazzy design underneath the collar stay that the current listing doesn't. 


3. T.M. Lewin - Collar Bones (AUD$19.95 - $69.95)

TM Lewin Logo

The T. M. Lewin brand started in 1898 and has since expanded to Australia as well as online in the US, Africa, Asia, and Europe.

Fun Fact - T. M. Lewin were one of the pioneers of front placket buttons on the shirt. So they're definitely an established menswear brand.

Since originating in the UK as bespoke tailors, they have called them "collar bones" instead of "collar stays".

They come in three sizes: 50mm, 55mm, and 60mm. They’re made with three different materials: metal, sterling silver, and mother of pearl.

TM Lewin Metal Collar Stays Single Pair

T.M. Lewin Metal Collar Bones Set

T.M. Lewin Metal Mother of Pearl Collar Bones


Their collar bones are significantly shorter than the regular collar stays used for typical dress shirts. This is due to the fact that their collar stays are made specifically made for the modern-ish dress shirts that they manufacture and sell. 

Take a look at their formal dress shirts and casual shirts on their website. The collars are short. With reference to "The Ultimate Guide To Your Tieless Shirt Collar," if you have an elongated oval face, then T. M. Lewin collar stays and shirts are perfect for you.

I've also mentioned this before, but mother of pearl is a highly fragile material. Your dosh definitely won't be worth it when it snaps. 

I personally have a few of their shirts and do vouch for their quality. The problem is, their collars are at times too short – almost as short as me (5'5"ft). 


4. OTAA - Brushed/Shining Gold/Silver Collar Stays (AUD$20.00)

OTAA Collar Stays brushed

So here's the thing about OTAA. I used to buy a lot of their accessories, but for a few years now, my cheeky flamingo OTAA ties have remained untouched in my wardrobe. I know I just committed a sin by admitting that I've bought a tie. But in my defence, it was years ago, and there were flamingos on it. PINK FLAMINGOS!

Although they're big on ties, I'm a huge fan of what The Brothers at OTAA are doing.

They're a ties & accessories ecommerce store over in Melbourne, and they're absolutely killing it at the moment. Their lapel pins are top notch and look great with a notch lapel jacket. 

As for their collar stays, they have a collection of three: 

  1. Brushed Gold Collar Stays
  2. Brushed Silver Collar Stays
  3. Shining Silver Collar Stays

The brushed gold collar stays are a bit too out there for me. However, if you like to stand out from a crowd and get the heads turning when you pull out your collar stays, then they actually may be for you. The same goes for the shining mirror finish silver collar stay. I prefer the standard brushed silver collar stays. With the schmick engraving, "The Brothers at Otaa,"you can't go wrong. 

At the end of the day, there's not much difference between these three collar stays besides their colours and finish. They all come in standard collar stay sizes, with dimensions of 60mm in length and 7mm in width. 


5. eBay - Metal/Magnetic Collar Stays (AUD$2.99 - AUD$12.59)

eBay metal collar stays

eBay magnetic collar stays

I did a bit of a boo-boo with this one. I'm going to raise my hand and say that yes, I have purchase collar stays from eBay. I couldn't say no, as the price was just too good to turn down and I'm a slave to online shopping. This is the listing that I purchased from.

Here's what you need to know about buying from eBay. The listings are usually coming straight from the manufacturer, which is usually in China and is the reason why the prices are so cheap. Since there's so much competition between listings, they all need to bring their prices down. And because prices are brought down, the quality of the collar stays and magnets are reduced to make up for it. As listers continue to compete by reducing their prices, the quality continues to drop. Thus, a dangerous cycle of decreased costs, profits, and quality appears on eBay markets.

I'd say that the metal collar stays that are available are still great value, such as this listing. Be most careful with the magnets, though, as most of them are coated in nickel instead of zinc, plastic, or rubber. Why is nickel bad? Because it's usually a thinner layer and shatters more frequently than other coatings. Be warned! 

Additionally, there are a ton of plastic collar stay listings on eBay, but if you've gotten this far down this article, you'll have realised that plastic stays and I haven't gotten along well.


6. Birch Spotlight - Collar Stays (AUD3.49)

Birch Spotlight plastic collar stays

These collar stays are plastic. Need I say more?

Where do these belong?

Straight in the bin... 


7. Van Heusen - Collar Stay Gift Pack (AUD$29.95)

Van Heusen gift pack collar stays  

This packaging is quite inventive, such that the collar stays are storable in the lid and compartments are available in the base for cufflinks, watches, magnets, cotton cufflinks, and small lapel pins.

My only concern is that when examining the description of these collar stays, there is barely any information except for the disappointing detail that they're made out of plastic. However, judging from the high quality image that they've kindly provided, these collar stays seem to be metal and not in fact plastic. 

I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and let you slide this time, Van Heusen.

Edit: I've recently inquired about these collar stays to the Van Heusen, and they've informed me that they’ve been discontinued since 2014 and they're also made of plastic. 


8. SABA - Henry Collar Stays (AUD$9.00)

SABA metal collar stays

The great thing about SABA is that they are a standalone brand, and I can vouch for their sizing and modern smart casual designs. They're a basic stock Baxter Chino, an incredibly sleek and versatile garment. Their metal collar stays, however, don't feel as sleek as the rest of their range. 

The sharp point on the tip is a great feature for sharp-pointed shirt collars, and the soft, rounded finish on the opposite end and around the whole collar stay is an elegant feature. The only issue I had with them was that they were significantly thick, making them difficult to insert, and seem a bit stubby. 

They come in three sizes: 45mm, 50mm, & 55mm, which is a very short range.

Perhaps their stubby design is exclusive to fitting the fat collar pockets that SABA shirts provide. Although it is a shame that they're not as aesthetically pleasing as they potentially could be, their pricing is impeccable. 

The packaging looks like a secret compartment for a shot of alcohol. SABA's collar stays are just like that, a quick shot of alcohol. Superb bang for buck. 


9. The Iconic - Buckle Nickel Collar Stays (AUD$34.00)

The Iconic Nickel collar stays

"Buckle" is the name of this brand of accessories, and they're actually hand-crafted in Australia, which is a big plus. That guarantees quality. The Iconic is simply the online ecommerce store through which they sell their Buckle products. 

However, I'd be very careful in purchasing these collar stays for one very important reason. The collar stay length is a whopping 80mm! Although the package comes in a nice gift box and the design of the collar stay is sleek and crisp, this length is just way too long. 

I personally don't own any shirts with a shirt collar at 80mm. I'd suggest only purchasing a shirt like this if you need collar stays for your spear point collar shirt, like the ones in the movie Goodfellas.

Wiseguy Goodfellas Mafia

And if you own one of these shirts, I'd also like to ask you, are you part of the wiseguy mafia?

For The Iconic's Buckle Nickel collar stays, it's a "no" from me.


10. Charles Tyrwhitt - Brass Collar Stiffeners (AUD$10.00)

 Charles Tyrwhitt brass collar stays

As an originally British brand, the slugs on this brand’s website uses "collar stiffeners," but has converted some of their wording to Australian lingo saying "collar stays." 

But here's what you need to know about the difference between brass and steel collar stiffeners. The biggest difference is the weight composition. If you opt for brass, they tend to be heavier, meaning your collar won't stand stiff and erect like you'd want it to (wink-wink) but sits more flat and flaccid (sad face).

Here's what I mean:

heavy collar stays causing sagging collar

This happens because the placket of the shirt isn't sturdy enough to hold up the weight of the brass, whereas with steel, mother of pearl, titanium, and many other lighter materials, less weight is applied.

Here's a table with the weights of these materials to back me up. 

Weights of various metals table

However, there are two advantages to these collar stays: first, they're brass, meaning they have less chance to rust because they're a copper and zinc alloy. Secondly, they're strictly hand-stamped, so the engraving definitely won't disappear. 

While speaking with James, the Charles Tyrwhitt consultant, he mentioned the difference between the cutaway and standard brass collar stiffeners was just the length. For short, cutaway collared shirts, opt for the cutaway collar stiffeners, as they'll be shorter at 55mm. For regular shirt collars, opt for the classic solid brass collar stiffeners that are 65mm. 


11. Blue Nile - Personalised Sterling Silver Collar Stays (AUD$120.00)

Blue Nile Personalised sterling silver collar stays

When it comes to luxury, this is what we're talking about. Blue Nile smashes it out of the park with these Sterling Silver Collar Stays.

Here’s why I think Blue Nile does a fantastic job. Their length of 2.5" (63.5mm) makes them a fairly long collar stay, but the price point and the branded jewellery matches their target market: mature men aged 35-40 in corporate careers.

As mentioned before, luxury engrave-able collar stays such as these are amazing for gifts. At this length, they still provide plenty of space for you to provide a heartwarming message. Just be sure that your husband/significant other dons longer collared dress shirts. If he's between the ages of 35 and 40, he's likely to be wearing 63mm+ collared dress shirts.

These would not be suitable for younger demographics who wear shorter collared shirts. 


12. Tiffany 1837 - Sterling Silver Collar Stays (AUD$165)

Tiffany 1837 Sterling Silver Collar Stays

As men, we're all about functionality. Sure, we love brands like Ralph Lauren and Louis Vuitton, but why opt for an overpriced brand when you can don similar quality collar stays at a more affordable price?

And with reference to the weight of the materials, sterling silver is one of those heavier bad boys. So say "bye-bye" to sharp professional collars.

As another negative, these Tiffany 1837 collar stays aren't personalised, unlike the same luxury sterling silver and quality from Blue Nile that we've previously mentioned. 


13. Etsy & MadeIt - Handmade Handstamped Collar Stays (AUD $21.00-$82.22)

I'm an enormous fan of personalised collar stays. To be completely honest, I don't have a pair myself, but they're such a thoughtfully genius idea for a gift. Oh, and I would totally love it if I had a pair for Christmas or maybe even my birthday... *subtle wink & nudge to the Mrs.*

Top recipients of personalised collar stays are dads for father's day, grooms, groomsmen, and fathers of the bride. If you intend on placing your own name on each collar stay because you tend to forget it, like Guy Pearce from the movie Memento, then go right ahead.

But personalised collar stays are more of a gift that you buy for someone else rather than a narcissistic "treat-yourself" purchase.

Here are a few heartfelt personalised collar stays: 

ETSY engraved metal collar stays MadeIt personalised collar stays ETSY handstamped engraved collar stays

If you're going to opt for these, then I'd suggest purchasing hand stamped engravings as opposed to the cheap laser engravings, as the cheap ones will rub off when exposed to friction. Hand stamping makes a physical impression on the metal to make sure the personalised message lasts forever.

The major worry you need to be careful with when going for personalised collar stays is the length. Many of the stays I've displayed are 70mm in length or longer due to the demand for space to engrave characters on them. Most dress shirt collars are 56mm to 64mm. Imagine if you were to gift a set of personalised collars to your significant other only to find that they never get used because he only dons modern dress shirts from after the 70's.

Yikes. Oh well, it's the thought that counts.


14. TiesnCuffs - Personalised Gunmetal Collar Stays (AUD$45.00)

TiesnCuffs Silver Collar Stays TiesnCuffs Gunmetal Collar Stays TiesnCuffs Gold Collar Stays

These guys are pretty cool. They're Australian-owned, and what's awesome is that they supply large quantities of collar stays for corporations. 

When choosing the engraving, it'll be the same on both individual collar stays, so there's not as much customisability as there is compared to the above Etsy and Madeit listings. You can either opt for engraving your first/last name or your initials.

They come in three metal finishes: silver, gunmetal, and gold. The gunmetal is quite nifty thanks to the mirror shine, and you don't often get that option when shopping for collar stays. 

I have to admit that the length of the collar stays is also optimal at 60mm. Great for casual and dressy shirts.

What I'd be worried about is that because they're a custom bulk supplier for corporate clients, the engraving quality of the collar stays won't be as guaranteed nor as long-lasting as it would be with the above mentioned hand-stamped collar stays. To supply for large bulk purchases, they'd need to laser engrave each one. Although these engravings leave no physical stamped impression, they still do the job.

If TiesnCuffs hand-stamped their 60mm collar stays, I'd totally be in. 


15. Dapper Man - Magnetic Collar Stays (AUD$33.25 - $24.26)

Dapperman Magnetic Collar Stays

So here's the thing: we're not the only one stocking magnetic collar stays in Australia. Dapper Man is an Australian ecommerce store that sells many different products, including RFID wallets, bracelets, leather wallets, and most importantly, magnetic collar stays.

Here's the Dapper Man mission statement:

We drive for excellence in our personal and professional lives.

We are in pursuit of being the perfect version of ourselves that we can be. Remember no one is perfect, but why not aim to be the most perfect version of you possible!

They come in three different sizes: 57mm, 63.5mm, & 69mm

And in two major sets: 3 pairs (AUD$22.05) and 6 pairs (AUD$33.25) for each size. 

Their sizing is perfect, as it occupies a range for all kinds of shirt collars, from short, modern shirts to super vintage spear-point shirts. 

The collar stays also come with nickel-coated neodymium magnets. We started off with these magnets, but soon realised that the nickel element for magnets tended to be magnetically strong but very fragile and easy to shatter. If you do opt to purchase these, be sure not to drop the magnets, as they will gradually chip away.

We've upgraded our magnets to have a rubber coating to prevent injury from shattered magnet fragments. 


In Summary

This blog post was intended for Australian men, so some of the information (and the lingo!) may not be relevant to those of you reading internationally. However, I still hope that I’ve provided enough information on collar stays themselves to help you make an informed decision when purchasing!

Although these brands are all technically competitors to He.Stays magnetic collar stays, I feel that our quality speaks loudly enough for itself to stand up to the competition. While some of those I’ve listed here do have their perks, one of the reasons that none of them quite chalk up to He.Stays is because none of them are primary collar stay companies. That means that their focus is usually elsewhere, on other products. At He.Stays, collar stays are our sole focus!

I’m obviously a huge fan of collar stays. Sure, you could say I’m obsessed. But that just means I’m bringing you the best products and the best information you can get for these things! If you think I’ve missed anything, or you know of any Australian collar stay brands I didn’t go over in this article, tell us about it below and we can continue adding to our list!