About Us

He.Stays help men stay on top of their game with a slightly weird but innovative type of collar stays.

What started as a passion for professional image and an OCD for floppy collars turned into an obsession. Norvin and the He.Stays team are continually astonished by the amount of floppy-collared men out there as a result of offices eradicating the tie from the dress code.

We believe that men no longer need any form of neckwear to look professional. This is only achievable with quality collar stays that actually work. Unlike the plastic collar stays that mandatorily come with your dress shirts. 

Through the He.Stays blog and word-of-mouth, He.Stays is taking Australia by storm and dropping major knowledge bombs to help men dress for success.

Our ultimate goal is to "raise the collar standard" in every office in Australia starting with Melbourne and Sydney.



Here's our current progress on the map

We used current He.Stays users postcodes. We won't be revealing any users' street addresses.


Our blog posts, social media shares and other platforms and community interaction helps us spread the word.

If you have a customer enquiry, please feel free to email: "customer.care@hestays.com".
If you'd like to contact Norvin personally about collaborations or press enquiries, shoot him an email: "norvin@hestays.com
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