Why your colleagues are no longer "tied-up" for the office

It's already quite obvious that offices all around Sydney are dropping the tie as part of their dress codes.

Your boss never wears them, your regional manager wears it on occasion when visiting first time high profile clients, sales managers don't and neither should you.

If you don't believe me, take a walk around your nearest city and walk into any office and you'll find that men are becoming less tied-down than tied-up. 

Don't just take my word for it. The Sydney Morning Herald actually wrote an article on this exact same topic. They actually mention that:

"ties are a purely decorative item" and for that reason "sales have halved over the past two decades"

But the reason WHY ties are no longer necessary is quite a common question and you're not the first to ask.



1. It's purely decorative and has no function

It's so dysfunctional that some hospitals and even the British Medical Association have banned them from being worn. As part of OHS, ties aren't cleaned regularly and hold high concentrations of spreadable bacteria.

Im sure you'd agree that your tie can be a nuisance. I can't count the number of times that my tie has gotten stained as it flops down as I reach over to grab something across the table. Sauce, soup and coffee stains. 


2. They're not comfortable. Especially in warm weather

Ties look great but often feel like a noose around your neck. Sir Richard Branson himself says that "neckties restrict air going to the brain impairing cognitive thinking". If we include this with the usual Australian Summery weather, it's a heatstroke waiting to happen. 

Believe it or not Richard Branson keeps a pair of scissors in his top pocket to go around cutting ties off. Don't believe me? Check out his article here

3. Humanises the office 

Going tieless is actually a technique that many politicians and power figures all around the world began to do to lower the formality of their dress to make them relatable with the general public. 

Like mentioned above, Sir Richard Branson is never to be seen with a tie.

The political side of not wearing a tie is translatable to the company you work for. An even playing field in the office means smoother communication and collaborative work. Something CEOs and COOs love. 

In conclusion

The bottomline is that ties are being left at home because they're purely a decorative item and a nuisance to wear everyday of the work week. They have no function nowadays except to abide by the standard of a dress-code.

And that dress-code is being lowered day-by-day.

Your office doesn't want you to wear a tie because as corporations are flattening their organisation structure to smoothen communication and boost collaboration. This makes everyone becomes human again. 

All though it's dropping out of the corporate dress code doesn't mean you should stop wearing one. There are certain instances where ties are quite necessary (job interviews, weddings and corporate events).

But besides that, be prepared for them to slowly gather dust hanging next to your short sleeve dress shirts, denim shorts, fedoras, funny print t-shirts and bootcut jeans.



Raising The Collar Standard,



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