Why Removable Collar Stays?

Crisp and sharp collars. 

It's a small detail but makes a huge difference when it comes to a first impression.

The kind of collar stay that you use dictates the whether your shirt collar remains straight, popped and unfrilled. 

It's a fundamental feature that is commonly overlooked but is a complete deal breaker when putting forth a professional and presentable image. 

Have you ever wondered why there are shirts without collar stays and ones that do? Have you noticed that shirts with collar pockets usually come at higher quality and price points than those without?

We certainly have. And in this article, we discuss the reasons why shirts with removable collar stays are far more superior than shirts that don't have collar pockets.


Fist up, let's talk about the most prominent features in men's corporate wear. Your typical corporate outfit looks a bit like this:

corporate wear navy suit light blue shirt no tie and brown shoes corporate wear charcoal suit white shirt no tie black shoes

Comprising of a navy or charcoal grey suit, plain white or light blue dress shirt and matching coloured belt and shoes. Usually black or brown.

Notice the small details of a corporate suit that makes the wearer look so clean. This may include the clean look of no pant break when the pant hits the shoes, maybe the half inch peak of the straight pocket square or even the half inch of the shirt sleeve that peaks underneath the jacket sleeve. 

But without a doubt, the most visible feature and closest to the wearers face is the shirt collar. This is especially crucial as viewers see it first when in a face-to-face conversion.

corporate man

We've mentioned it time and time again that a sharp collar is a crucial accessory for any corporate man's wardrobe. If you're working a corporate job, you're likely to have a collection of dress shirts which usually have collar pocket inserts. 


So then, why removable collar stays?

It's important to have collar pockets for more formal shirts such as your dress shirts for corporate wear. Removable collar stays enables you to remove the default short lasting plastic ones that come already built with your shirts, and to enable the use of higher quality collar stays.

These include you metal collar stays such as brass, steel or titanium. If metal isn't your thing, then wood, bone or mother of pearl are a better op. 

Just refrain from using plastic. 

You're better than that.

Additionally, shirts that enable the removal of collar stays provide the use of novelty collar stays. These can include adjustable collar stays, our very magnetic collar stays or even multi-tool collar stays

It's also important to note that shirts that do not include collar pockets are usually cheap and low-quality. Manufacturers spend quite a large amount of money and time for the labourers to include the collar pockets. The extra fabric and time it takes to install is definitely more than you'd expect.

A great tip keep collar pockets in mind when shopping for your next dress shirt.


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