When To Wear Collar Stays?

when to wear collar stays

Let's keep this extra short and sweet for you. If you're wondering when you should be wearing collar stays, here the answer:

You should wear collar stays any time your shirt has collars.

To start off, the collar is the most undervalued yet most prominent part of your shirt. Forget the shirt placket, the sleeves, the shoulder seams or the cuffs. The shirt collar is the first feature that people see besides your face and it's paramount that you know how to balance the shape of your face with the collar

importance of shirt collar

Thus, when working in a corporate environment or any environment that requires a professional and presentable image, a sharp and crisp collar is one of your most important features.

A curled, droopy collar does absolutely nothing for you but make you look sloppy and careless. There's nothing worse than meeting someone for the first time with a sloppy image. An untamed collar is hard to ignore and burns in the eyes of your audience. 

Thus, to prevent bad first impressions, keeping a sharp and crisp collar using collar stays is necessary. At He.Stays we encourage those who don't wear ties (which is most men nowadays), to utilise the innovative magnetic collar stays. 

If magnetic collar stays aren't your thing, then your next best option would be any metal collar stays. These include; brass, steel or gunmetal. 

If your shirt doesn't have collar pockets for collar stays to be inserted then I've bad news for you, buddy. Shirts without collar pockets indicate a low-quality manufacturer that prioritises quantity of shirt production, rather than quality. 

We go way into depth about this in our article "When To Remove Collar Stays". In short, manufacturers spend a hefty amount of time, money and resources to install collar pockets into your dress shirts. They require an extra layer of fabric to create the pocket in the collar, extra costs for that fabric and additional time for the labourers to install them.

So when shopping for new shirts, a great indicator to know if the shirt you're about to buy is worth it, be sure to check for collar pockets.

Final Tip - shirts with thinner and lighter fabrics are especially weaker around the placket. Try to opt for lighter weight collar stays such as titanium or aluminium to keep your collar light enough for the placket to support it up. 


In Conclusion

The shirt collar is the most overlooked feature of your overall image but plays a significantly large role in making a lasting impression. 

For anyone who works in corporate or any kind of professional, a sharp collar is absolutely necessary for a crisp look. 

Thus, collar stays need always be utilised when collar pockets are available on your shirts. 

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