Why Your Plastic Collar Stays Are Bad

You can't have missed it.

We've said it over and over and over again.

If you've been following the He.Stays blog for a while now you'll know by now our perception of plastic collar stays.

You also may have even heard us shun away plastic collar stays users.

metal collar stays "plastic collar stays users not welcome"

So this leads us to the question:

Why the hate on plastic collar stays?

What have they ever done to us?

We'll keep it plain and simple for you.

Pictures speak a thousand words so here's the first reason:

1. Easily Bendable

bent plastic collar stays

Every man in corporate has had a nasty experience with one of these before.

Bent plastic...

If this happens to you as often as it has to me in the past, then I recommend two things.

a) Invest in a pair of quality collar stays

He.Stays collection simon carter collar stays form David Jones   mother of pearl collar stays from kailisjewellery

Investing in better quality collar stays is a purchase you won't regret depending on the collar stays you buy. We recommend most metals mainly steel and brass. If you haven't already, take a look at our "Ultimate Guide To Collar Stays" where we discuss and review all types of collar stays from steel to titanium, to novelty adjustable collar stays.

We obviously sell our own He.Stays magnetic collar stays so it would be blasphemous to not recommend our own magnetic collar stays. 

Especially since we thought of He.Stays to complement the corporate "no-tie-guy" like you and me.


b) Straighten your plastic collar stays when they bend

We understand that metal and magnetic collar stays don't float on every man's boat. If the idea of metal/magnets doesn't tickle your fancy, then you can view our guide on how to perfectly straighten plastic collar stays.

The process involves a towel, an iron and ironing board and takes less than 3 minutes to do. 

We made a quick little guide for you but don't let the video justify me accepting plastic collar stays.

Collar stays users are important to us and we care enough to do research on fixing plastic collar stays. In the meanwhile, I'll be disinfecting my hands.


Here's the second reason for why we don't like plastic:

2. Plastic Is Easily Snappable 

As opposed to their malleability, another characteristic that makes plastic collar stays inferior is their high likelihood to snap. 

This often occurs with bone, wood and mother of pearl collar stays but happens mostly with plastic collar stays. 

Most collar stays that come with your shirt are the easily bendable type of collar stay and don't snap.  But the cheap brands you buy such as Alta Linea (you can find them in any David Jones store) or DIY plastic stays you make using a puncher, are bound to snap and be thrown in the bin.


In Conclusion

Plastic collar stays are a big no-no for us. The way we see it, they render redundant in all corporate offices regardless of whether the men wear ties or not.

This is due to the high risk of plastic bending or snapping. You may be able to use the standard plastic inserts that have been provided with the shirt however over time, they most definitely no longer be able to keep your collar crisp.

We advise you to use most other collar stays instead, preferably metal.

And this about sums up our whole phobia on plastic collar stays. 

What is your favourite type of collar stays? Shoot us a comment down below. 


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