When it comes to style, it's all about the little details.

The pant break is; "the harshness of your pant as it drapes onto your shoe".

It says a lot about you and your personal style. 

pant breaks guide

But to start, here's a general rule "the harsher the break, the maturer your look".

You'll often see more mature men donning "full breaks" or "half breaks" in their style arsenal. Make sure to keep this in mind when communicating with your tailor.

Here's everything you need to know about pant breaks in 5 styles


1. No Break

 no break pant break

For the fashion savvy contemporary who's up to date with current fashion and style trends.

You'll often see this kind of pant break with men who live in warmer climates such as Italy and Sydney (where we're from). Having no visible break on your pant shortens the pant significantly, enabling the cool breathe to enter and ventilate the lower body of the wearer. 

The "no break" style of pant originates from Italian Sprezzatura style.


2. Quarter Break

 quarter break pant break

This pant break says you take notice of the fine details and you obviously get your clothing tailored. When you do get a pair of made-to-measure clothing you make sure to alter them.

If you're ever stuck with your tailor wondering the length of your pant break, chances are your tailor will assign you this style.

Out of the five styles of pant breaks, the He.Stays team recommends this pant break as the standard go-to. Perfect for the office.


3. Half Break

half break pant break

The half break says comfort is a more of a priority but a full break might be too much of a mature look. It's been the standard for men's dress pants in the past so there really is nothing too fancy about it.

With this pant break you won't be snapping any necks, but it displays an element of confidence to what you're wearing. 


4. Full Break

Full break pant break

The full break says you're bit on the maturer side of style and comfort is of utmost priority. 

This style of pant break is actually great for when you cuff your trousers and/or the fabric appears to be a heavier such as a woollen tweed herringbone. 

Not great for men of shorter stature as it makes you look even shorter.


5. Sloppy Slater

sloppy slater pant break

This kind of pant break says you never tailor your clothes and style means doesn't mean much to you.

Try your best to prevent this kind of pant break. At the very least the full break with a heavy fabric would be better.


In Conclusion

Here's the He.Stays Pant Break Summary in a simple infographic. 

Your pant break is a staple of your personal style. Never underestimate the impact it makes.

Be sure to share this infographic as a gift to your sloppy slater friends. 


Raising The Collar Standard,



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