Match socks for your outfit

You may have noticed one of your colleagues recently having a predilection for funky socks. Your socks are a great way to brighten up your outfit, IF done the right way.

Current trends in clothing are swaying towards the Italian "sprezzatura" style where the pant is altered an inch shorter at the hem to reveal the wearer's funky socks. 

matching socks

Just like when you match your shirt with the colour and pattern of your suit, matching the socks to the pant is just as important.

However, matching socks is a little known practice amongst men when choosing what they're wearing in the morning.

Is matching my socks to any part of my outfit important? What do I match my socks with? How do I choose what socks to wear in the morning?

In this short post we'll answer all these questions and more on noticeably matching the colour of your socks to your outfit.


Firstly, when people notice that you're aware of how to match your socks, you no longer become part of the office "laughing sock".

Your collection of wild "Happy Socks" and "Bamboozld" pug socks finally mean something when wearing them holistically with the rest of your clothes.

match socks

Your socks don't become the centre of attention but what you wear becomes and ensemble. It's corny, but it's true. 

Blindly choosing a pair socks at random is amateur hour.

Here's how to do it.

Notice the major colour of your pant. If you're wearing navy trousers your chosen colour is navy.

Then choose a pair of socks that incorporates that navy colour in it's design. 

match socks

By doing this, other colours that are in the socks' designs shine through like the pink and light blue in the above image.


In Conclusion

It's really not that complicated. It's not like reading stocks at the "sock-exchange".

We borrow a colour from the pant and choose a pair of socks that contains that colour in it. The correlation is clear and the office takes notice that you care about your image.

High fives and beers are exchanged.

Congratulations! Now that we're on the right foot, let's "pull-up our socks" and "sock-and-roll".


 Raising The Collar Standard,



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