How Do Metal & Magnetic Collar Stays Work?

How Do Metal Collar Stays Work?

metal collar stays from TM Lewin

Here's the little secret behind metal and plastic collar stays. You probably know this already but metal collar stays work just like plastic collar stays. You insert them into your shirt collar pocket, fold down your collar and get on with your day.

However, whether they're brass, steel, aluminium or titanium, metal collar stays just have better characteristics than plastic. The distinguishing features of metal collar stays is three-fold; they're heavier, less bendable and unsnappable. Plus, they're lustrous metallic finishes look damn fine compared to your basic white plastic.

The way we see it, there are two types of plastic collar stays. 

    1. Non-malleable yet snappable - These plastic collar stays are the ones that you usually buy separately from the store. Their snap-ability is similar to that of bone or mother of pearl collar stays. 
    2. Malleable but don't snap - The collar stays that come complimentary when you first buy your shirt.

Metal collar stays prevent either of these flaws to occur due to their rigidity and density.

We look at these two above characteristics of plastic collar stays to be a severe defect. If you're going to buy collar stays to keep your collar and overall image sharp, why not invest your money in something that lasts? Metal and plastic collar stays are used exactly the same way.

Hence why we think metal collar stays are far superior to plastic. 

You won't snap your metal collar stays unless you pull them apart. This won't be happening unless you have superhuman strength. You won't be bending metal collar stays unless you purposely bend them or you've placed them in an awkward spot vulnerable to bend under pressure. 

Metal + 1, Plastic 0.


How Do Magnetic Collar Stays Work?

Magnetic collar stays are a completely different story when it comes to collar stays. They're a combination of metal collar stays (usually ferritic stainless steel) mixed with magnets that you place underneath your shirt to keep your collar fixed down, popping up and sharp all day.

Think of it like a button down shirt without the buttons showing from the outside.

Here's how to video to demonstrate how magnetic collar stays work:

For most men who arrive on this website who don't wear a tie, magnetic collar stays were designed specifically for you. 

The floppy collar occurs as the tie is being removed from the office dress code. Many men and their offices are eradicating the tie from daily corporate wear. Just ask Richard Branson.  


When not wearing a tie, the collar swings and flops out of control as the support provided by both the top button and folding the collar over the tie no longer happens.

Here's a before and after using magnetic collar stays:

 magnetic collar stays before and after

Hence why we started He.Stays to keep your collar sharp and tamed.


In Summary

The difference between your regular plastic collar stays and metal collar stays in terms of function is nothing. They work the same way for the same purpose.

However, the reason for metal being superior is three-fold:

  1. Weight - more stable collar
  2. Rigidity - less prone to bending
  3. Fragility - impossible to snap in half

When we throw magnetic collar stays into the mix, they work just like metal collar stays except magnets are placed underneath the shirt to keep the collar fixed down.

Therefore, what makes magnetic collar stays different is that they're mainly used for those who don't wear ties to keep the collar sharp. For those who still wear a tie to work regular metal collar stays will still do the trick.

Raising the collar standard,



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