There's a common saying that you're more than likely familiar with.

"Never judge a book by it's cover"

That holds true for a lot of things.

But let's flip the script here.

"If a book has a fantastic cover, it becomes VERY hard to ignore"

This is why your ability to dress smart for your career is so important.

There are a lot of guys out there that want to take their image to the next level. If you've clicked on this post, then chances are you're one of them.

The He.Stays team has devised an easy "Four step criteria to dress smarter". We've also got good news. You still don't need to tie a noose around your neck to look smarter.

You're welcome

Here's what we found. 

Four easy ways you can "dress smarter"

1. Wear a collared shirt. Button up/down shirts or polo shirts

smart dress and smart casual button up shirts

The staple of “smart-casual” is a nice buttoned shirt. It takes your outfit to another level from just wearing plain t-shirts.

If it’s summer, the polo shirt is your go-to.


2. Beige or Navy chinos always look smart 

smart casual and dress smart. navy and beige chinos

Any regular guy can wear denim jeans. Chinos just take your look up another level as they have a smoother and cleaner texture to it. The straight-tapered cut of the garment and the way they’re worn (higher up the waist) makes it a smarter garment.


3. Sports jackets and blazers

dressing smart with sports coats and blazers

Blazers might be too formal and over the top.

A sports jacket with patched pockets and “no tie”. Two buttons of the shirt undone.

If it's hot outside you can even pair your sports jacket with a polo shirt to keep things cool and ventilated.


4. Wear more leather

smart casual brown suede leather loafers

For smart casual definitely go for suede “tassel loafers” or “penny loafers”. Brown is a very versatile colour.

If you need any versatility with your leather shoes, brown is your safest best for corporate work wear. The darker the colour the shoe the dressier you can wear them. Black being the dressiest.

and please… No backpacks!

leather bag vs backpack

Backpacks are for high school kids and at the most university students. A men’s newsboy/messenger bag is a wiser option. 


In Conclusion

Dressing smarter is quite simple and incorporating these four key items takes your image to the next level. 

To summarise, these four items are; collared shirts, chinos, sports jackets and leather items (leather shoes and messenger bags).

Throw in these four principles into your outfit and your work colleagues will notice an improvement in your style game. 

"Raising The Collar Standard"



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