There's no question about it. The tie is dead and has been since 2014. If you've read my most recent blog post, you're fully aware that your colleagues aren't wearing them anymore. 

So the ultimate  question now is:

"If the tie is dead, how can we maintain a professional image in the office?"

Traditional uses of the tie symbolise authority and power in your office. That's why the person who usually wears the tie is often your regional managers, sales managers and corporate CEOs.

The purpose of this blog post is to prove that we can still look sharp and have a respectable image even without a tie. 

Here are 4 ways you can still look PROFESSIONAL without a tie

1. Wear a well-fitted suit jacket/blazer/sports coat

Super simple but men all over Australia disregard the importance of well fitting clothing. The fit of your clothing indicates how seriously you take your image in your office.

Now that doesn’t mean that you need to wear a fedora and a jacket all the time. It simply means that you need to look like you took the time to think about how your clothing will look on you. 

Here’s a quick checklist for the perfect fit

  • Shoulders fit comfortably and end right at the tip of the shoulder bone.
  • When buttoned up you jacket should fit snug and if pulled away from the body provide 0.5-1.5In of room to breathe
  • The skirt jacket should end right where your knuckles fold up when your hands are relaxed beside your body
  • Arm sleeves end at the ball of your wrist exposing 1cm of you dress shirt underneath.

Here's a visual representation of the above checklist

2. Unbutton only your first top button

If in a casual setting you can drop it down to TWO. 

And for God's sake, let's prevent this from continuing.

3. Replace ties with pocket squares and lapel pins

Lapel pins are easy. Choose pins that are appropriate within your office. This means avoiding ones that are dog or beer related. Although they’re amusing, the office isn’t the right time for them.

Pocket squares are easier than you think. Choose your pocket square to match your shirt and make sure that their patterns are different. Borrow some colour from your shirt and choose a pocket square  that is similar.


4. Sharpen your collars

No matter what you use to sharpen your collars, whether it’s with us or not, your collars need to be sharp. I would actually recommend “The Million Dollar Collar” to keep the placket of your shirt stiff as the placket doesn’t provide enough support to keep itself. Pair this with He.Stays magnetic collar stays.


In conclusion 

Look up and take a peak around your office you’ll notice that most men aren’t wearing them anymore and because of this they're image isn't as professional.

Times are changing and it's important to adapt to ensure we still look respectable without the tie. 

  • Wear jacket and sports coats that fit
  • Unbutton your 1st or 2nd top button
  • Replace ties with pocket squares and lapel pins
  • Sharpen your shirt collars

By following these 4 criteria, we're still taken seriously in the office.


Raising The Collar Standard,





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